Miro Pajic – DIGITS (Lazerslut)

Miro’s recent productions, including the last Lazerslut release, “Demon Kiss” have started a new era of eerie, super groovy, slow, stripped down and tech house-y tunes. Continuing this succesfull output with “Digits”, he keeps the simplicity and bubble bass injected style with tons of character and hypnotic build-ups. Brain tickeling synth sounds and sexy rhythms dominate with clear precision. “Mentisental” keeps things organic and funky feel with beautifully spook pads, groovy bass line and odd vocals snippets. Emotionally fueled vibes sneaking into this tune with a strong signature. Love it or run away! Billy Dalessandro does not need an introduction. Known for his very creative productions since years he joins the label with another production built to work on dance floors and inside brains. His minimalistic version of “Digits” reflects his great understanding for sound-design, aesthetics and feeling for the mesmerized dancer on the floor. A dark trip into another galaxy. Creepy Finger Records’ Nino Blink delivers a solid, dance floor friendly remix that will surely be the choice for many DJ’s out there. Top notch production aimed for peak time moments and strobe lights!